Genki Kanji Poster Japanese Language Learning Poster (24"x36" High Quality Laminated Print)

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  • King Size - 24" by 36" (61 x 91 cm) laminated, high-quality print with over 300 of the most important kanji, specifically for the Elementary and Intermediate levels.  The poster is printed on High Quality 100# Gloss Paper with lamination on both sides, and features a Museum-Grade Matte Finish for extra style and durability.

  • Practical - Set a realistic goal of learning the most important kanji first. This will get you well on your way to mastering the entire Japanese language! The poster is structured into 21 lessons, each containing characters that are commonly used together.

  • Informative - Along with its pronunciations, each character is listed with its meanings and number of brush strokes, as well as all common readings.

  • Decorative - The poster reflects the look and style of "moku hanga", or woodblock printing, a Japanese artistic style, and adds a touch of sophistication to any room in the house, office, or classroom.

  • Write on it - The Genki Kanji Poster is laminated, so you may mark it up as you wish with any dry-erase marker to practice writing the characters. The marker can be wiped off anytime.

The SUPER-SIZED, 24" x 36" (61 x 91 cm) Genki Kanji Poster is a fun, aesthetically-pleasing alternative to textbook studying. The high quality print contains over 300 of the most important Japanese kanji characters, presented on a fully textured poster that is meant to replicate the look and style of "moku hanga", or woodblock printing, a printing technique that has been used in artistic creations for centuries in Japan.

The kanji on the poster are mostly the same ones students encounter within some of the most popular Japanese textbooks. How can you learn Japanese from a poster, you ask? In addition to listing the characters, the poster includes all common pronunciations, meanings, okurigana (accompanying characters), and a number of brushstrokes, as well as dividing the kanji into 21 well-structured lessons. In addition, the poster is laminated, so feel free to mark it up with dry-erase markers!

Not only do students in Japan spend many years learning kanji, they are also exposed to the complex characters every waking moment. Japanese learners outside of Japan unfortunately do not have this advantage. With the Genki Kanji Poster situated above your desk or any other place you spend a lot of time at, you can repeatedly expose your mind to kanji to help master newly learned characters and maintain long-term retention of all the other kanji you have studied. You could never do the same with a thick textbook!

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Cheyenne Villas

10 / 10

Kanji Poster

Have this on my bedroom door and it's lovely.

Caro O'hara

Lovely poster, HUGE, great quality and content.


This is beautiful and well designed. Framed (purchased separately) and hung on my wall so I can review it daily.


super helpful and convenient! exactly what I wanted. A+!!

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