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Genki Kanji Poster - Learn Japanese

Poster Shipping Process



After coming off the printing press,  our posters are laminated on both sides with a 1.5mm glossy laminate. This adds an extra layer of protection in not only shipping out the poster, but also for its lifetime in your home.

Handwritten Calligraphy Note


Each Deluxe Poster Pack order comes with a handwritten calligraphy note that can be framed alongside your Genki Kanji Poster. We will write a message of your choice in either English or Japanese to forever commemorate your poster.

Dry-Erase Markers


Along with the handwritten calligraphy note, each Deluxe Poster Pack will come with two dry-erase markers. You may use these markers to mark up your poster in any way you choose - highlight kanji you already know or circle ones you are having extra difficulty with. The dry-erase marker will wipe right off should you wish to erase your marks.



Your Genki Kanji Poster is shipped in using Yazoo Mills Heavy-Duty Kraft Tubes. These are the most durable tubes available (they won't even crease if you stand on them!). We use them to ensure your poster arrives safely and in perfect condition.



We ship our posters regularly using the United States Postal Service.  International orders ship First-Class International. 



Congrats! Your Genki Kanji Poster has arrived on your doorstep. Please remember that the tube has been sealed extra tight to ensure the safe delivery of your poster, so you may need to pry off one of the endcaps in order to retrieve the poster.