Learn Japanese with the Genki Kanji Poster!


King Size - 24" by 36" (61 x 91 cm) laminated Kanji Poster with over 300 of the most important kanji, specifically for the Elementary and Intermediate levels.

Practical - Set a realistic goal of learning the most important kanji first. This will get you well on your way to mastering the entire Japanese language!

Informative - Along with its pronunciations, each character is listed with its meanings and number of brush strokes, as well as all common readings.

Decorative - The poster is professionally designed and fully textured, and reflects the look and style of "moku hanga", or woodblock printing, a Japanese artistic style.

Write on it! - The Genki Kanji Poster is laminated, so you may mark it up as you wish with any dry-erase marker. The marker can be wiped off anytime.

Hang it up Anywhere - The Genki Kanji Poster adds a great touch to any room. Hang it up wherever you like to increase your exposure to the Japanese language!



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Genki Kanji Poster - Learn Japanese